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DrySuitdiverWater may cover seven tenths of the Earths surface, but if it weren't for exposure suits, diving would be limited to a relatively narrow band straddling the equator. That would indeed be unfortunate as some of the best diving lies well north and south of the tropical waters and also in lakes, at altitude and at deeper depths that constantly remain cool. Without protection from the cold, some of the best diving would be inaccessible.

Of the exposure suit types available, the dry suit has opened the door to comfortable diving in the coolest waters.

Dry suit diving will allow you to comfortably enjoy fantastic cold water diving. There is phenomrnal diving right on your door step just waiting to be discovered by you. Dry suits reduce the heat loss that your body suffers diving in wetsuits which allows you to remain comfortable in water temperatures in single figures.

Diving in cold water IS fun. Being cold is not!!

The Dry suit course teaches you the techniques to dive safely ancf comfortably in your dry suit.

London Scuba supplies Drysuits for use on your course


  • Wraysbury


  • Training (confinded water session and 2 open water dives)
  • Equipment (including dry suit)
  • Dry Suit Diver manual
  • Certification (on successful completion of the course)


  • Certified Open Water Diver or equivalent


  • £150

Additional Costs

  • Admission fees to dive site £10
  • Air £6

Supplementary Information

  • London Scuba does not provide the Drysuit Diver course referred to on this website. These Drysuit Diver courses are provided by Jason Linbourne (T/A Gatwick Scuba). If you wish to book a Drysuit Diver course with Gatwick Scuba, you may do so through this website and in so doing London Scuba is acting as an agent for Gatwick Scuba.

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